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Leiden/Huygens Fellowships

Christiaan Huygens by Hendrik Vos
Christiaan Huygens entered Leiden University in 1645. His father wanted him to study Law, so that he would be able to keep up the family tradition of government service. Christiaan, however, had little interest in legal matters and switched to mathematics and natural philosophy (physics, astronomy). He studied the work of René Descartes, which was much admired in Leiden, but he insisted on following his own way of thinking about the laws of Nature. After two years his father transferred him to a law school, hoping to steer his career in a more profitable direction. However, his earlier studies had awakened a love of science that could not be put to sleep.
[Illustration by Hendrik J. Vos.]

The Faculty of Science of Leiden University invites applications for the 2017 Leiden/Huygens Fellowships. These prize fellowships are awarded to worldwide graduates with a demonstrated talent for fundamental research, who seek to pursue an ambitious PhD project of up to 4 years, on a topic of their choice in astronomy, mathematics, physics, or chemistry. Preference is given to candidates who can bridge these disciplines.

Leiden/Huygens Fellows are employed by Leiden University in one of the Graduate Schools of the Faculty of Science. In addition to a competitive monthly salary (increasing progressively from € 2000-2600/month), the Fellowship comes with a € 4000/year annual budget for project related expenses.

Candidates for a Leiden/Huygens Fellowship are asked to submit an outline for a research project and to arrange for a supporting letter by the faculty member who is prepared to supervise the PhD project. (Preferably, the project is supported by more than a single faculty member from different institutes.) Here you can find an overview of faculty members and their research topics, in the fields of




Applications are to be submitted electronically, following these instructions. The deadline is January 25, 2017. This call is now closed.